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International Peace Pilgrimage

Towards a nuclear free future

Proposed Itinerary


April 2004

10th --11th International walkers arrive.

12th --- Walkers Orientation

13th --- Meeting at Tokai Village Nuclear Facillity

14th --- Leave for Hokkaido

15th --- Arrive Hokkaido on ferry

16th --- Meeting in Hakodate

17th --- Transportation to Hirosaki

18th -- Join local protest in Hirosaki

Start walking 20th April

20th Hirosaki Namioka 19
21st Namioka Aomori 24
22nd Aomori Hiranai 25
23rd Hiranai Rokkasho 19
24th Rokkasho    
25th Rokkasho amagamori 16
26th Chernobyl Day action in Rokkasho    
27th Amagamori Misawa 22
28th Misawa Hachinohe 26
29th Hachinohe sannohe 29
30th Sannohe Ichinohe 26


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