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International Peace Pilgrimage

Towards A Nuclear Free Future


Hi everyone,

                     Sorry about the delay with updates….


The last 6 weeks has been hectic…

As this week is the Anniversary of Hiroshima & Nagasaki there will be many events happening here and through out the world.


Here in Australia we MUST take the time to remember the Atomic bombs that were much larger than these two bombs, and also detonated around innocent communities, and without the permission of the Indigenous Peoples of those lands.


We must also realize that these remote communities are continuously at the front of the struggle against the Nuclear Industry. It is these communities that are endlessly exposed to the main dangers of the Nuclear Industry , through the mining and the dumping of radioactive waste.


Atsuko Nogawa the organizer from Japan was here for 3 weeks and we journeyed out to Adelaide for the Students of Sustainability conference, after which we went on to Broken Hill to attend the No More Radioactive Genocide gathering.


If anyone is in Melbourne on the 8th of August, there is a Hiroshima remembrance day at Latrobe Universities Along with the other events happening there, we will be showing a video of Sacred Run in Japan. During this run to Hiroshima & Nagasaki, which was led by a group of Native Americans we meet with Ainu (Indigenous peoples of Northern Japan) and many Japanese Buddhist monks and others opposed to the Nuclear Industry.  


They are also trying to organize a screening of “We of little voice” the latest video from the Kupa Piti Kunga Tjuta (Traditional Aboriginal Women from across South 


Feel free to join us at Latrobe Uni between 12.30pm and 2.00pm


Things are moving along with the walk, we are now getting a really good crew together to help with the organizing and logistics.

Special thanks goes out to all the people now putting together fundraisers to help with the costs of organizing such a huge event.


Feel free to contact us if you would like to get more involved


Latrobe University will be hosting us from the 12th of November through to the 17th. We will then be leaving for Roxby Downs via Broken Hill, Honeymoon, Beverly, Lake Eyre and possibly Cooperpedy. Everyone is welcome to join us on this journey and we are encouraging people to come so as you can see for yourself what is really happening in the remote communities in these areas.


Our wish list is growing,


If anyone knows where we can get a water trailer or something to haul water. We are estimating that we will need about 1,200 liters a day while we are in the hot dry summer of December, January and February.


Also we are looking for vans or busses that can transport everyone to Roxby Downs from Melbourne in mid November, with the possibility of having to bring some of the International representatives back to Melbourne in early December.


We are always looking for people to help coordinate in their own areas...

  Feel free to contact us for more info


Although things were quite hectic while we were in Adelaide and Broken Hill, it was great to finally catch up with a lot of the people who are helping to make this event possible.


Atsuko also presented the Indigenous representatives of the Kupa Piti Kunga Tjuta with 1000 Peace Cranes (many being made by people in Japan who are becoming aware of their story)


She is telling everyone that there is a great energy in Australia at the moment, and they really have to come and check it out.


After being back in Japan for well over a week now, and traveling with a group of Hiroshima survivors. She is  getting a great response from people.

Many are now planning to attend the conference.


We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming events and on the road as we walk through your communities.


If you would like to contribute to costs of organizing this event. (all done by volunteers)


All donations are greatly appreciated


Please send your donation to: 

International Peace Pilgrimage

PO Box 430

Wonthaggi 3995, Victoria, Australia



Marcus Atkinson



Latest Info    May

Over the last few weeks we have been talking with different Indigenous Leaders and are getting a lot of good support from them, as well as permission to walk through their lands. I would personally like to thank everyone for their time and energy over the last few weeks. Especially Arabunna Elder, Kevin Buzzacott from the Lake Eyre region of South Australia, We will be adding a statement from him in the next few days.

We are now in the process of trying to purchase a couple of vehicles that run on used vegetable oil. If anyone would like to make a contribution towards us purchasing these vans it would be much appreciated.

We would also like to let everyone know that there is a large NO MORE RADIOACTIVE GENOCIDE gathering being organized for Silverton (26km's from Broken hill) 14th July - 18th July 2003. For more info visit their webpage 

"WE NEED MORE GREENIES UP HERE!" Uncle Ron, Adnyamathnya Elder


Latest Info   April

We are now in the beginning stages of organizing the International Peace Pilgrimage Towards A Nuclear Free Future, and are now seeking permission from the indigenous peoples of Australia, as we will be walking across their lands during this journey from Roxby Downs (South Australia).         Environmental & Social Justice organizations through out Australia have also been contacted, with some support beginning to come from a number of groups                          

There is also a group in Japan organizing and they have been talking with the Ainu (indigenous peoples of Japan) and a group of Buddhist Monks, some of them will be attending sections of the walk in Australia.

Many groups and individuals from America and Europe are also planning to take part in this walk either by coming to walk or by doing an action in their own country. This includes some 1991 Gulf War, and Vietnam Veterans along with different social justice organizations. We have also been talking with people from the American Indian Movement and other Indigenous groups. 

This is becoming a very large project, and there is quite a lot of organizing that must be done. If you feel you would like to help in the organizing.               please contact us at:


From the road 2002

Click on picture for more info on our journey to Hiroshima

During July we visited anti--nuclear groups in Hiroshima

Click on picture for more info on the Peace Pilgrimage to Oak Ridge

The fourth annual Peace Walk from Atlanta to Oak Ridge Y-12 nuclear weapons manufacturing plant.

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