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International Peace Pilgrimage

Towards A Nuclear Free Future

 Latest update

     We are now in the beginning stages of organizing the International Peace Pilgrimage Towards A Nuclear Free Future, and are now seeking permission from the indigenous peoples of Australia, as we will be walking across their lands during this journey from Roxby Downs (South Australia).  Enviromental & Social Justice organizations through out Australia have also been contacted with some support begining to come from a number of groups.                                   

    There is also a group in Japan organizing, and they have been talking with the Ainu (indigenous peoples of Japan) and a group of Buddhist Monks, some of them will be attending sections of the walk in Australia.                                            

     Many groups and individuals from America and Europe are also planning to take part in this walk either by coming to walk or by doing an action in their own country. This includes some 1991 Gulf War, and Vietnam Veterans and different Social Justice groups. We have also been talking with people from the American Indian Movement and other sections of the Indigenous community. 

This is becoming a very large project, and there is quite allot of organizing that must be done. If you feel you would like to help in the organizing.               please contact us at:

From the road 2002

Click on picture for more info on our journey to Hiroshima

During July we visited anti--nuclear groups in Hiroshima

Click on picture for more info on the Peace Pilgrimage to Oak Ridge

The fourth annual Peace Walk from Atlanta to Oak Ridge Y-12 nuclear weapons manufacturing plant.

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